XR Encounters

XR Encounters are open networking sessions for developers, content creators, students and professionals. It is organized several times a year by Virtual Cinema Lab together with VR Hub of Aalto Learning Centre.

Group Coordinator, Tanja Bastamow

Leads, and coordinates the work of the XR Encounters Group.
  • Organizes regular group meetings
  • Prepares an agenda for each meeting
  • Makes sure that someone facilitates/moderates the meeting
  • Makes sure that minutes are taken and shares a summary with the Anchor Group
  • Contact person for members and other group coordinators who need something from XR Encounters
  • Maintains the groups google drive folder and moderates their slack channel, making sure that people stay on topic
  • Invites other Members to join the group if needed, publishes calls for collaborators
  • On boarding of new members joining their Group
  • Creates new roles if needed