ECG - External Communication Group

ECG aims to coordinate and consolidate external communication efforts of all the active featured projects and community projects. They manage our website, social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) and our newsletter, and help members to share information about their projects there.


ECG Coordinator, Iga Zatorska

Leads, and coordinates the work of the External Communication Group.
  • Organizes regular ECG meetings
  • Prepares an agenda for each meeting
  • Makes sure that someone facilitates/moderates the meeting
  • Makes sure that minutes are taken and shares a summary with the Anchor Group
  • Contact person for members and other group coordinators who need something from ECG
  • Maintains the groups google drive folder and moderates their slack channel, making sure that people stay on topic
  • Invites other Members to join the group if needed, publishes calls for collaborators
  • On boarding of new members joining ECG
  • Creates new roles if needed

Website Admin, Synes Elischka

Updates and maintains the VCL website.
  • Contact person for bugs, and changes of text of pictures


  • Content: Featured projects, member profiles, events, important information about VCL
  • How often: When new relevant content is available

Facebook Page Admin, Iga Zatorska

Maintains VCL's facebook page.
  • Answers messages on our page
  • Posts updates on the page
  • Creates facebook events


  • Content: Articles/text-based (reposting from other websites) - more information about the project / event
  • How often: Twice a month
  • Tone of voice: Personal, avoiding any 3rd person company lingo strategy awkwardness

Instagram Admin, Tatu Blomqvist

Maintains VCL's Instagram account.
  • Answers direct messages
  • Posts images & updates from our projects & events


  • Content: Stories or original photos & other pictures + always a caption (maybe also throwbacks to old making ofs related to the project) + always link to project page on virtualcinema.aalto.fi
  • How often: Once a week
  • Tone of voice: Informal, community-building

Events Manager, Tanja Bastamow

Maintains our public Google Calendar.
  • Publishes events and descriptions on Google Calendar & the website
  • Makes sure that events are advertised on time, announced in the newsletter etc.

Other communication channels


Written together by everyone in ECG.


  • Content: Important information concerning Virtual Cinema Lab, upcoming events, summary of what has happened since the last newsletter, introduction of new members and new projects
  • How often: Maximum once every 2 months (in relation to the upcoming events)


Maintained together by everyone in ECG.


  • Content: Making of -videos from workshops, XR Encounters, project demos
  • How often: Not scheduled, depending on the content available