COMFORT // Short Film with 3D Audio

Project Coordinator, Iga Adela Gerolin

Short movie "Comfort" was created to use the sound as the main storytelling tool and to check how it influences the director's choices in the film making process. "Comfort" merges traditional and new media by combining framed, cinematic video footage with spatial sound. The film was created to test whether the binaural audio makes him more immersed, and what effect it has on his perception when combined with the footage shot from a particular perspective.

Research question

How 3D audio can make the viewer feel more immersed in a story?

Project schedule

Completed in December 2019 (artistic part), currently collection of the feedback from the viewers (research part).

How are you planning to involve the VCL community in your project:

I would love to get feedback from other professionals and researchers in the field and find future collaborators for similar productions (to be discussed).

What kind of expertise or skills are you looking for from people who will join your project?

Cinematographers, Directors/Screenwriters, Researchers, Sound Designers

In what way do you think your project will benefit from joining VCL?

I would like to promote this film through the VCL channels and get help in data collection for the second phase of the project (research part). Ideally, the film would be presented in a demo session during one of the XR Encounters, and each viewer would fill the questionnaire regarding the experience.

Do you have time & are you interested in helping out in VCL?

I want to help with External Communication and join another project if time permits.