Funding, Facilities, Institutions & Partners


Virtual Cinema Lab doesn't receive any structural funding at the moment.
Members currently participate on the basis of mutual support. We share tasks to support each others work, on the premise that if we pool our resources and time, we will have less work and make a bigger impact.
For example VCL's external communication group helps members get the word out about their project to connect with their audience, in hopes to get better results than if each person would do their own PR.
Community Projects have their own, independent funding.

Stakeholders & Institutions

ELO Film School

VCL has been founded as an official research group at the Department of Film, Television and Scenography at Aalto Arts University in Helsinki, Finland.

Aalto Studios

Aalto Studios is the media center of Aalto Arts, they provide students and faculty with Equipment and Studio spaces for their projects. They are providing VCL with our Office space and have been supporting our work and cooperating since our inception.


VCL Office

Our Office is a place for internal meetings and a working space for community projects and members research projects. Access is limited to Active Members and Hyperactive Members. The space can be booked via our shared google calendar called "VCL Office Reservations."
Right now access for members who are not currently working or studying at Aalto can only be guaranteed during regular opening hours. Also you might have to do some bureaucratic lambada to get a key, fyi...

VR Studio

During Lights, Camera, Interaction! conference in 2016 Tanja, Synes & Kirsi organized hands-on training sessions for European film school teachers. We borrowed computers from different departments and set up production facilities for the participants in Aalto's Media Factory.
After the conference several participants approached us to share their excitement about the VR production facilities we have available for students at Aalto. Since this was only a temporary setup we got inspired to turn it into something more permanent.
We approached Aalto Studios with our idea, they thought it was great and so we developed a plan together. Today the spaces are ready and include workstations with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Varjo headsets and a green screen for mixed-reality recordings.
VR studio is managed by Aalto Studios, which means that the access is currently limited to Aalto Students and faculty. You find more information on the available equipment & how to access the space on their website.

Current Partners

VR Hub of Herlin Learning Center

We collaborate with VR Hub, organizing XR Encounters together.