Project Coordinator, Olli Laine

Artistic Research Project, more info here.

Research Question

My research is focusing in the light VR-filming process. Usually VR-projects have been heavy and expensive productions, just like film industry used to be before digital revolution. After the rise of the digital filming & editing process the threshold to make films has been radically fallen. I assume that the VR-producions follows the same path.
In my project I want to research the ability to create documentary VR-films (360-video) with extremely light way: only one man filming group. Is it possible to reach good enough quality by this filming method?
I also think that filming with modern 360-cameras enables the direct cinema tradition to be expanded to the 360-world. VR/360-camcorder is just perfect tool for "fly on the wall" -documentary filming.
My aim is to gain experience as working as a one man 360-filming group and later do the post production with other professionals and get valuable feedback from them on my way.