Embrace XR festival

Embrace – Festival for extended realities is an upcoming XR festival by Virtual Cinema Lab. The group’s goal is to find partners and funding for the festival and establish it as an annual event that appeals to international audiences and creators.
In Embrace the audience gets to experience the top works of immersive art from around the world. The event also acts as a framework for artists and researches to develop their skills. Embrace is a festival for XR (extended realities) productions, a platform for creating new work and a meeting place for the multidisciplinary creators and researchers.
The festival focuses on XR works that emphasise spatiality, embodiment and interactivity. Embrace features works made for VR headsets, AR media art and immersive installations. What sets Embrace apart from other immersive festivals is its three guiding principles for form and content of the works: Embodiment, Encounter and Empathy.

Group Coordinator, Tatu Blomqvist

  • Organizes regular meetings
  • Prepares an agenda for each meeting
  • Makes sure that someone facilitates/moderates the meeting
  • Makes sure that minutes are taken and shares a summary with the Anchor Group
  • Invites other Members to join the group if needed, publishes calls for collaborators
  • On boarding of new members joining their Group
  • Maintains the groups google drive folder and moderates their slack channel, making sure that people stay on topic
  • Creates new roles if needed