VCL tends to have different types of projects happening in parallel: events, research projects, workshops, artistic projects and more.
Members can propose new projects, or move existing projects under the umbrella of Virtual Cinema Lab, which allows them to increase visibility and get other members to join their projects.
Since VCL is a decentralized organization, each community project is lead by a project coordinator who is responsible for sharing progress of their project with other members on Slack, our website & social media.
Check out the Quality Guidelines which are managed by External Communication Group for more details.
Projects can be anything that fits VCL’s mission: events, research projects, conferences/seminars, lecture series, courses/workshops, artistic projects, or maybe an Augmented Reality Party …?

How to start a new community project?

If you aren't a member yet, please apply to become an Active Member. Once you filled your application form, head over here and fill the project application form and submit your project plan & schedule.
The project plan should highlight your research question and we want you to specify clearly on how you are planning to involve our community in your project, what kind of expertise are you looking for, etc...
If you apply with your own project, check that it fits our mission statement & values. You can also contact the General Secretary at any time if you have questions about Virtual Cinema Lab.
Make sure that you read our Handbook, especially the parts on our organization structure, before applying.
Every new projects starts as a "passive" project. Once a project received its funding or has events in VCL's public calendar, it will become "active" and can be featured on our website's projects section.

Project Coordinator

Each group is led by a coordinator, who reports to the anchor group about their progress. They are the contact person for all members regarding updates about the project they are leading.
Community projects can be organized in whichever way you want. Even though VCL is a decentralized organisation, each project has it's own needs, so if you want to run your project like a monarchy, go for it! 👑👌


  • Shares monthly project updates in Slack with the Anchor Group & the rest of VCL
  • Contact person for members and other group coordinators who need something from their project
  • Maintains the project google drive folder and moderates their slack channel making sure that people stay on topic (if you need one). Get in touch with the General Secretary if you have any questions about that.
  • Actively involve people from the VCL community, via calls for collaborators
  • Shares content about your project (photos+caption, little videos from behind the scenes, making of, event announcements, articles about your project) on #publish_this channel in slack (check our quality guidelines here, for detailed info on what to share).
  • Give presentations on their project and share their research results with VCL members.
  • Once you reach your (research) goals, please inform the General Secretary asap so we can change the status of your project.
  • Any project needs to have our logo clearly visible on all its marketing materials including but not limited to: website, credits, posters,...
We recommend using the IDOARRT meeting design as a blueprint for meetings.