Guide for Instagram Takeovers

For Active and Supporting Members

General guidelines for posting content

  • Start by introducing yourself in a post (and the stories if possible) and state clearly that you are doing a takeover and for how long. Check our instagram page and story highlights for inspiration.
  • Remember to use both Stories and Posts on Instagram, since some people use more stories, others view more posts. If you have never used Stories on Instagram before, you can watch this explanation here. It’s a very enjoyable and effortless way to engage with our followers on Instagram, so go and give it a try!
  • Don't forget to say goodbye, to close your takeover (again, both stories and posts), so that our followers know what's going on.
  • Once you're done you can choose your favorite stories to create a highlight of your takeover...

Other things

  • You don’t have to link VCL Instagram and Facebook accounts on your device, Iga will push the posts in Instagram to Facebook
How to participate? Follow this link to reserve your takeover week in advance...

Contact person

Get in touch with Iga Gerolin if you have any questions: @Iga in Slack (Facebook profile: Iga Adela Zatorska)